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A Hot Tub guide to keep you cool this Summer!

Welcome to The Hot Tub and SwimSpa Centres blog post on using your Hot Tub during the summer months.

Temperatures will rise this summer, yes even in Norfolk, well that’s our prediction. In fact, we already have had some lovely days of beautiful weather, which has been perfect for enjoying your Hot Tub. And if we have a heatwave (you never know), your hot tub may be the best place to cool-off!

A little tip is to simply reduce the temperature of your spa setting to 29c or less. Run the spa with the cover open and with air jets operating during cool evening temperatures. This action together with natural evaporation will cool the water! And to maintain cooler water, keep your hot tub covered during sunny days when not in use.

So when the temperature rises, make good use of your hot tub. Enjoy your spa in cool-water mode. You’ll emerge relaxed, invigorated, refreshed … and very cool!

Here are eight safe summer hot tub tips

1) Drink Up and Stay Hydrated
Our number one tip is to drink plenty of water before and after soaking.

2) Take Care When Getting in and Out
Be sure to enter the hot tub gradually and exit slowly. A change in posture and temperature can cause lightheadedness.

3) Cool Down Before You Jump In
Well let’s start with don’t actually jump in as that golden rule mustn’t be broken! If you have exercised or just completed a workout, wait until your heart beat returns to normal before you get into the tub.

4) Keep Safe
If you have your hot tub temperature is set at its maximum, you shouldn’t soak more than 15 to 20 minutes. By lowering your hot tub temperature as explained above, you can linger longer.

5) Keep It Clean
If you follow our tip of running your spa with the cover open and the air jets operating during cool evening temperatures, your hot tub cover will be off for longer periods. You need to check your PH and sanitiser levels frequently as these will change more often.

7) Cover Up
If your soak is in direct sunlight wear sunscreen or a hat to save your skin and hair. You can put your tub under a covered patio, or a canopy, and spa umbrellas are a nice option to consider if out in the open.

8) Keep Cool and Refresh
Get a cold flannel and use it as a cold compress to keep cool in the sun. This is so simple and vey refreshing.

Finally just relax, have fun, and enjoy yourself.

If you are looking to buy a top quality hot tub in Norfolk at an affordable price, we would be delighted to help you. Visit us at our Norwich showroom where we have a number of hot tubs on display plus people to talk to who will give you the best advice.

Call 01603 860660, email us at ask@thehottubcentre.co.uk or find us at 20 Kingsway, City Trading Estate, Norwich NR2 4UE. 



Written by Kevin Sowter