Water Care



Only with an Arctic Spas is the future of water care more natural and couldn’t be more easier for you!
Arctic ONZENtm automated water system combines NATURAL SEA SALT and patented ozone technology into a single system that will save you time, reduce your need for chemicals, therefore reducing your outgoings, and most of all to allow you and the family to enjoy soft, sparkling water with the minimum of fuss.

The ONZEN system integrates several cutting edge technologies for high performance, but is as easy as using a microwave!

  1. Sea Salt is the base for naturally soft sparkling water. (We add salt to a water softener)
  2.  The onzen generator produces ozone with no corrosion
  3.  A new V3 injector ensures better penetration in the water
  4. A Lippert mixer allows for better ozone absorbtion
  5. Titanium electrodes activate the salt system to sanitize the water
Whats the result of all this?… WATER CARE AT ITS SIMPLEST