Our UNIQUE Spa Boy addresses perhaps the biggest concerns people have about pool and spa ownership: water maintenance. There are many hot tub features and accessories available that help reduce the amount of time and chemical needed. However, all of these things require the spa owner to physically test the water with somewhat primitive litmus paper test strips. If you can imagine trying this when it is dark, snowing, and 15 below zero you will start to understand what a nuisance this can be.

Spa Boy completely changes the story. The most important water maintenance factors (pH and sanitizer level) are now measured automatically every few seconds using medical grade sensors. The results are transmitted to the spa control centre and displayed in an easy to read format on the spa topside, app, and your Arctic Spa web portal.

On top of that,Spa Boy integrates with its inbuilt salt water system to automatically adjust the sanitizer level -and you can see this WHENEVER you like ANYWHERE in the world-you can even add more sanitizer from anywhere over the web just incase unforeseen overuse in the tub has occurred! The result? Consistently clear, safe spa water that smells and feels fantastic, with an absolute minimum of effort.

SpaBoy landscape