Quality of Our Freeheat/Heatlock Hot Tubs

What better way to relax in the evening than by sitting in the hot soothing waters of your spa, enjoying a glass of wine with your loved ones….perfect. But, there are important factors to consider before you get into hot water.

Many retailers claim their spas are the best on the market without any facts to back up their claims.

Most spa manufacturers think that the buying public have no idea what makes a good spa or a bad spa. Most assume that price, not quality, is the only deciding factor and so manufacture their spas accordingly. The phrase “you get what you pay for” definitely applies here!

Unfortunately, most spa retailers are only interested in trying to sell you the concept of “lifestyle”. Many spa retailers give little or no information about the construction, efficiency, and expected serviceability of their spas, because they don’t want you to make comparisons. They assume that the customer knows nothing about spas and will therefore accept all the sales patter that is thrown at them-including a “cheap” price.


Many spa manufacturers would have you believe that to bury all the pipe work in foam, making the spa almost unserviceable is a good idea! Is your heating and electrical system at home buried in solid foam because it will never need servicing or improving as new technology evolves?…and they also tell you that access doors on all sides of the spa are unnecessary. Would you buy a car with the bonnet welded shut because the dealer told you it would never need servicing?… Does that make sense? Because our spas are not foam-filled it allows complete accessibility to the inner workings of the spa. There are upto 8 access doors provided so that routine servicing OR technology upgrades (ie more jets/pumps/music/onzen/etc) can be carried out easily and without having to dismantle cabinets or rip out the foam filling to access any fittings or pipes, as is the norm with other spas.


All our Hot tubs use a system called “FREEheat or Perimeter Heatlock” system consisting upto 4” foam insulation on the inner cabinet walls & floor of the spa. This cavity system traps the waste heat being generated by the pumps and is proven to reduce running costs by recycling that heat from inside the cabinet & transferring it to the water. On a “foam-filled” or “foam backed” spa all the waste heat from the pumps is expelled out into the open as there is no transference through the foam to the spa water. This means that the spa heater has to be on far more often-giving YOU higher electricity costs & more pump/heater wear & tear! Did you know that up to 30% of the energy used by a spa pump is turned into heat? As you can now see both an Arctic spa, Wellis hot tub & Vita spa trap and use that heat to keep your tub hot at your desired temperature…. The GREENEST tubs available. Other retailers claim or guarantee their running costs to be cheapest/cheaper. We are PROVEN to be the cheapest and greenest amongst all tubs-please ask for proof if anyone claims otherwise..


All our Spas have upto 5 year no quibble parts and onsite labour warranty. The hull/shell of an Arctic Spa is Guaranteed for LIFE! The Vita Spa and Arctic Wellis range come with upto 10 years shell warranty. Some manufacturers have “fine print” limitations written in to their guarantees, for instance, on their heaters. All our spas have none other than for abuse or neglect. Some other brands will be cheaper but no other tub matches the Arctic quality otherwise why dont they guarantee their tubs for as long as we do. Most spas are built down to a price not up to a quality. Almost all spas other than our 3 brands are constructed using the “foam-fill” or “foambacked” method, whereby the shell (or hull) of the spa is formed from a thin sheet of acrylic or ABS plastic. It is then plumbed with all the necessary pipe work and jets etc. The cabinet (or shell) is then pumped full of expanding foam to give the shell its support. This method of construction allows the manufacturer to use cheap foam (instead of fibre glass) to support the shell, rather than build a strong shell in the first place.


ALL our jets revolve/spin or are multidirectional penetrating the muscle area for that perfect relaxing massage-NOT unidirectional / needle jets (ie forcing a thin jet of water through making it look powerful but actually hurting the area after a few minutes!! A masseuse manipulates and moves their fingers around to work aches and pains away-just as our jets do!


Many would have you believe that a foam or wooden floor (or even no floor!) will suffice for a hot tub rather than a damp proof and vermin repellent solid fibreglass floor – do you believe that? With our fibreglass integral Forever floor or Permafloor you DO NOT need any special concrete base preparation and with it sealed this means that rats/mice/voles etc cannot chew their way into the warmth to nest!! All spas are built with either an ABS sheet of thin plastic,or wood (normally chipboard), or foam flooring (a continuation of the foam in the cabinet) or Fibreglass –what would you rather have with all that weight above it!?


Many would tell you that to have a 2” thick cover on top of the spa is going to retain as much heat in the spa water as a 5” thick Arctic cover. Do you think that’s true? Would
you rather have 2” of loft insulation in your home instead of 5”? ……Like a roof, the more insulation the better! (Snow and ice can be seen laying on our lids-it doesnt on many others!)…Also because it is castcore foam NOT polystyrene it will not soak up the warm water and condensation and become a giant sponge like polystyrene does!! Cast core gives superior strength-5 people can stand on ours-can they on others makes?…Covers are expensive-we give a 3 year guarantee on ours, what do others offer?

WOOD or Composite manmade PANELS

Arctic Spas cabinets are constructed from Canadian furniture grade A Western cedar or offer a man made option. Cedar is impervious to rot and has the most attractive multi-shade finish. Maintenance is about half an hour per year!…the choice is yours-VITA Spas and WELLIS spas offer you the option of differing colours of composite plastic for show in your garden


ALL our shell finishes have Microban or Biolok impregnated into the finish. Microban is an antibacterial finish inhibiting any sludge/scum line around the water line of your tub-not a pleasing site to soak into!



 As the saying goes “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a little price is forgotten!!!”