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Hot tub jets are not just for creating bubbles

Hot tubs have certainly come a long way in both design and technology. I remember when people used to come into the showroom and just wanted to purchase a hot tub to sit in and feel relaxed with the constant jets of water massaging their back. Welcome to the world of change!

Like many things in life, people who purchase a hot tub must make several decisions and that’s why making a purchase from a hot tub dealer rather than just buying online will certainly allow you to get the perfect hot tub which suits your overall needs. A hot tub is an investment and the type of tub should be carefully considered before you sign on the bottom line.

One of those decisions is based on the jets you have within your hot tub. That decision is based on the number and the type of jets. If you are looking to buy a Hot Tub in Norfolk, the team at the Hot Tub and Swim Spa Centre in Norwich will be able to help you.

In our showroom, we stock American Whirlpool, Arctic Spa and Wellis hot tubs. All of these spas are designed, not just to look beautiful, but also to exceed all the norms for high-quality hydro massage and ergonomics.
It’s pretty much the same for all the brands we stock, but if we focus on the Wellis range of hot tubs. Wellis carefully set their jet positions and performance characteristics to suit each particular target muscle group.

The result is a range of hydrotherapy stations that fit a wide range of physiques, provide highly effective hydro massage to all the right places, and are exceptionally pleasant and comfortable places to sit or lay.
Wellis use a number of different sizes of hydro massage therapy jets with a number of different nozzle configurations. This provides for a varied massage experience from light and fast pulsating through to a slower deeper needing effect.

All the jets are also individually adjustable for flow, and some can be tailored for speed and the treatment area too resulting in a number of amazing massage variations, pin pointing different areas of the body as seen below:Hot tub massage points

  1. Expert Massage
    Back massage on advanced level. With the adjustable direction and strength of the jets everyone can customize this massage place, which was developed especially for back massage.
  2. Cool Down Massage
    Sometimes it’s the best just to relax a bit on the edge of the pool after a full body massage or an exhausting exercise in the water
  3. Focus Massage
    The daily tedious work, all-day office activities cause many of us uncomfortable, cramping feeling in our back, around the waist. This massage place focus on the upper body, on this critical area to help you relax, dissolve the accumulated stress at the end of a long day
  4. Intenso Massage
    The most invigorating massage spot. Professional athletes, sport fans and anyone looking for intense hydro massage will enjoy the experience provided by our intenso seat. It concentrates especially on the back and leg muscles.
  5. Body Flow Massage
    This ergonomically designed therapeutic massage lounge provides luxurious comfort, whilst its carefully placed jets provide a superior massage experience for the entire body
  6. Relax Massage
    The numerous jets of this extraordinary body massage seat are carefully positioned to massage your neck, shoulders, back, hip and thigh

If we look at the Wellis Premium Hot Tub as an example. This tub has 4 hydromassage pumps and 88 jets fitted around 2 reclining places and 3 sitting places. The EveRest Premium hot tub makes relaxation simply unforgettable: one lying place is especially well-equipped: it includes two large HP massage pumps, the PULSAR ™ system, and the control pad of the AQUASOUL ™ Pro 4.1 sound system. It also comes with MICROSILK Oxygen therapy system for total skin care and cleansing. The additional control panels and the WiFi SmartPhone application provide users with a comfort level that has never before been experienced.

Wellis Everest Hot Tub

Buying a hot tub sounds very complicated especially if you are just buying online! That’s where we come in, as you don’t have to worry about how many jets you have or the type of jets as we will recommend a hot tub based on what you want to get from it. We make it very simple to guide you through this process.

There will be other decisions to make such as colour, number of seats, lighting and even sound systems.  But when we have your wish list, its like magic, we will suggest the right selection of hot tubs that meet your requirements and your budget. Don’t forget we even make budgeting simple with a great choice of finance solutions available including 0% and Buy Now Pay Later.

Looking to buy a Hot Tub in Norfolk? At the Hot Tub and Swim Spa centre in Norwich we are here to help you. Please visit our website for our opening times. You can chat with us online, call us 01603 860660 or email at [email protected].

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chronic pain relief with a hot tub
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Reducing chronic pain with a Hot Tub

Can a hot tub help with Chronic Pain?

We are certainly not into making medical claims, but it is a known fact that many of our customers will purchase a hot tub to help them reduce chronic pain. You may have arthritis, spine or disc problems or just work in an environment where you have constant muscle ache.

Soaking for just 30 minutes daily in a hot tub can help to improve flexibility and increase blood flow to the body’s extremities. This makes it much easier for the heart to pump blood to deliver the results. How may you ask?

The heated water of a hot tub will relax your muscles. When this happens, it improves the blood flow to the body, which allows oxygen and other nutrients to circulate around your body faster, banishing the painful effects of lactic acid or aching muscles and eases the pain in your joints. Hot tubs have specially designed adjustable warm water jets which will deliver deep tissue hydro-massage to specific points of the body’s muscle-skeletal system.

Wellis brand

Chronic pain reduction with a hot tubOur Wellis brand takes Wellness therapy very seriously.  They constantly research and design technologies that work together in synergy to further enhance the benefits of Hydrotherapy through their products. PULSAR programmable massage is just one example of focusing technology to provide hydrotherapy exactly tailored to everyone’s needs. Pulsar is the exclusive Wellis programmable massage system that lets you choose from up to 9 different massage therapies.

Not only will a session in a hot tub help to reduce pain, it should also give you a really good night’s sleep. Basically, when you leave the hot tub this will trigger a drop in body temperature which releases sleep-inducing endorphin’s and leads to a better night sleep.

Chronic pain reduction with a swimpaThe NHS will sometimes refer people to hydrotherapy as this will support the treatment to reduce pain. The main reason for a hydrotherapy pool is to help with the patients exercise routine.

A swimspa is a perfect solution to exercise and have the benefit of the heated water.

Before making any attempts at pain relief, a proper diagnosis should be made by a healthcare professional if you haven’t already done this!

The two types of pain

Chronic pain is what we have been discussing. This is where the pain is generally constant because of your health. Chronic pain is ongoing and usually lasts longer than six months. The pain signals remain active in the nervous system for weeks, months, or even years. Chronic pain is linked to conditions including headaches, arthritis, cancer, nerve pain, back pain and fibromyalgia.

Acute pain usually comes on suddenly and is caused by something specific like surgery, broken bones or a sporting injury. Acute pain usually does not last longer than six months. A hot tub is still ideal to help with the reduction of acute pain, but other treatments will help with the rehabilitation process. Seeing a physio or osteopath is often advised but another excellent route would be sports therapy.

The definition of sports therapy is ‘an aspect of healthcare that is specifically concerned with the prevention of injury and the rehabilitation of the patient back to optimum levels of functional, occupational and sports specific fitness, regardless of age and ability.’

If you are looking for Sports Therapy in Norwich, visit Rob at Focus 4 Fitness, who have helped many people with their recovery programme.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading our blog. If you would like to find out more why how a hot tub or swimspa can help with pain relief, give us a call on 01603 860660 or visit our showroom.

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American Whirlpool
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Who are American Whirlpool Spas?

American Whirlpool

American Whirlpool (or Vita Spa as you might recognise) are one of the leading Spa manufacturers in the united states. This  technology has been transported to UK soil and it’s no surprise to see why they are so popular.

American Whirlpool offers hot tubs in many shapes and sizes, from smaller models up to large swim machines; you’ll find the hot tub that fits into your life.

Whether it’s diminishing the stresses of everyday life, healing a sports injury, relieving aching joints and stiff muscles due to arthritis or simply helping you achieve a good night’s sleep – your American Whirlpool hot tub can help!

There are many aspects of American Whirlpool that will give you peace of mind. Below are a few top of the line features that make your American Whirlpool hot tub unique.

The water maintenance of your hot tub is made easy with a complete 4 step cleaning system and dual sanitisation. This is the same technology that is used to sanitise drinking water all over the world!


This unique 3 layer thermal barrier technology reflects the radiant heat energy generated from the pumps back into the spa. Therefore, this ensures that energy created by the spa stays in the spa.

The Steel Sub-Structure has the highest strength to weight ratio of any building material available. Unlike wood, steel is dimensionally stable. It will not expand or contract with moisture, which over time can damage the spa’s exterior. Easily control your hot tub with this powerful, easy to read control panel. Large animated buttons let you know when things are in operation. Its features such as these that make these spas extremely popular around the world. These spas offer a balance of technical options combined with beautiful style.

Discover our wide range of American Whirlpool Spas.

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hot tubs norwich
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Why buy Wellis Spas?

Wellis Spas

Wellis Spas have a comprehensive range of spas that will harmonise with any setting, both indoor and out. With 7 SPA Cabinet Colours to choose from, there are so many options!

Wellis Spas are introducing side covers manufactured in accordance with the new design. The StarSide cabinet is made from laid, thick-lath, wood-effect units and vacuum-formed plastic ABS cornerpieces. The RGB LED lighting built into the cornerpiece acts in conjunction with the mood-lighting on the inside of the spa.

No more sanding, oiling and messy maintenance of a traditional timber cabinet. Wellis Spa cabinets are made from UV resistant polymer material that looks like real wood but is maintenance free. The great thing about their contemporary colours suit both interior and garden settings.

Amazing Shell

The spa’s shell is a technological triumph, developed with an entirely eco-neutral laminate system. This results in a stronger, lighter, more stable, eco-friendly and ultimately bio degradable product. It even self insulates for both heat and sound, lowering running costs. These amazing spas are probably the quietest on the market, alongside being the safest for your family.

Some benefits of Poli-Max reinforced spa body – Highly effective sound insulation. Therefore, you can take a spa whenever it pleases you and it won’t annoy the neighbours! They have highly effective heat insulation, meaning a longer time between heating intervals, meaning reduced electricity costs!

Wellis Spas have even built a system into their Thermal Spa covers.  Due to this they have a special reflective foil coating beneath them to bounce rising heat back into the spa water. This integrated energy management system means Wellis Spas are exceptionally economical to own.

Check out our huge range of Wellis Spas

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What makes Arctic Spas so different?

Arctic Spas

Arctic Spas was founded in 1994. The ownership group is a unique group of guys, having all grown up on farms and in rural western Canada. This is where the value of your word far outweighs commercial success. These same values continue through the entire culture of their business. Additionally, Arctic Spas pride themselves on listening and supporting their customers, dealers and employees alike. It’s clear they take providing the best product and service in the industry very seriously. Due to this, they have always been known for product quality and innovation.


Hot tub design and quality is important. Equally, ongoing electrical and repair costs can be high if you choose an inferior product. Arctic Spas are specifically designed for the extreme climates of Northern Canada. This means they last longer, cost less to operate, and are easier to maintain. Their unique features like FreeHeat, the Forever Floor, Total Access and the Mylovac cover make an Arctic Spa a great hot tub choice.

Advanced Technology

If you are looking for advanced technology and low maintenance, Arctic Spas win in this department too. Check out the automatic self regulating salt water cleaning system called Spa Boy, it’s the most popular option by far. Their focus continues to be on offering the most innovative designs and to provide a wonderful hot tub experience. This means they cost less to operate than most and require the least amount of maintenance. Therefore, combining the most advanced spa technology with world-class construction techniques ensures your enjoyment for years to come. Subsequently, Arctic spas iconic Cedarwood shell not only makes for a stunning hot tub but something that requires extremely low maintenance. All these features make these spas a wonderful hot tub choice.

If you missed it, have a look at our hot tub Instagram gallery to see how our Arctic Spa customers enjoying theirs!

Check out our Arctic Spa range.

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