A hot tub can provide the warmth, massage and buoyancy needed to both relax and exercise joints and muscles in the convenience and comfort of your own back garden. Relaxed muscles create an overall feeling of comfort which can then make it easier to perform exercises and carry out daily tasks.

97_healthOne in three Americans, about 70 million people, have some form of arthritis . Although there are over 100 different kinds of arthritis, most are characterized by inflammation of the joints which causes swelling, pain and stiffness, often resulting in loss of joint movement or function.
Many people affected by arthritis seek relief by soaking in the warm, soothing waters of a spa.

You will get a better nights sleep…with blood flowing more effectively around the body it reaches the extremeties easier, helping  one to relax more when resting after being in your hot tub.

Healing process is much quicker due to the blood vessels having been exercised and therefore blood flows more effectively/faster to the area affected.

There are even claims now that Hot tubs help in reduction of weight loss! As the warm waters help blood flow better around the body, internal body heat is generated and therefore the body thinks it is exercising and tries to cool itself down!!

All our Hot Tubs are the ultimate way to soothe stiff, sore muscles and joints through state-of-the-art hydromassage.

‘Hydrotherapy, massage, aromatherapy and ergonomic seating are all commonly prescribed methods of preventing or treating a wide range of physical conditions. Back pain, muscle injuries, arthritis, and fatigue are conditions that health professionals commonly treat with these modalities. Owning your own Hot tub  gives you the opportunity to treat these conditions in the comfort and privacy of your own home.’